The Epic Pass Infomercial


In 2009, Vail Resorts and Freeskier Magazine asked me to create a viral video to promote the legendary Epic Pass. Three days later I gave them The Epic Pass Infomercial, featuring Marty Lempkin.

The Lempkin Campagn

In the fall of 2010, I created a series of short videos intended to drive traffic to Marty Lempkin and The Epic Pass Infomercial, which remained completely relevant to Vail Resorts’ continued distribution of the now wildly famous, Epic Pass (The Greatest Pass of All Time).

Epic Outtakes

Behind the scenes action from the original Epic Pass shoot.

“You’re Gonna Love It”

Marty’s 74 city “You’re Gonna Love It” Book Tour. You’re gonna love it.

Book Tour Outtakes

It was all fun and games on the set of Marty Lemkin’s book tour. Very few people were injured.

Bad Press: The Outburst

Witnesses say that all hell broke loose on the set of the Thunderpit Deepfryer by Marty Lempkin shoot. This video leaked onto YouTube almost immediately.

The Art of Infomercial

The fame and fortune that followed Marty lead to a series of extremely detrimental life choices. Here’s the story.

Lempkin’s Back

“Marty Lempkin is BACK” spot to promote the 2010 Epic Pass campaign.

Marty Plays Tennis

Warning: The Epic Pass does NOT grant you unsolicited tennis with attractive married women.

Marty Lempkin vs. The Law

Marty fought the law, and the law won.

Marty the Genteman

Warning: The Epic Pass is NOT valid at your local bar.

Outtakes & Deleted Scenes

Some highlights from what did not make the Lempkin Campaign, and a special thanks to all the fine folks who helped out with the project. You guys are EPIC.



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